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The Iron Horse Pub

The Iron Horse Pub is the city's only authentic Irish-American pub.  It has a classic Irish atmosphere with a dash of Texas charm thrown in.  The pub has become the standard for live music and nightlife in North Texas.  They are a rock-solid, reputable place to hang out with your friends.  The atmosphere is warm with personal service and a dedication to booking high-quality local, regional, and national musical acts.  They pride themselves in an impressive inventory of domestic and international beers.

From day one, it was a huge challenge and an uphill battle to start their business in the heart of downtown Wichita Falls.  In 2000, the area in which the pub was located was in very bad shape.  Unlike today, the Farmer's Market, which was located in close proximity, was barely in existence.  Some people thought that Danny and John were on an impossible mission.  They were young, with one of the owners just being 22 years old.


Danny and John worked very hard and never gave up on their dream.  Even when things hit a low point, they supported each other and did their best to always make the negatives a positive.  They gave the downtown area some of its identity back and to this day, they support it and promote it every chance they get. Now, the tides are turning, and there is plenty of renewed interest in the downtown area. This can only mean even more success for the Iron Horse Pub.


The building that is home to The Iron Horse Pub has been listed as a historical structure. This has brought major attention to the business. Both Danny and John, along with the Pub itself, have won numerous awards and recognition for their efforts in business and the community over the years. 


Danny and John were key factors in starting the St Patrick's Day Downtown Street Festival.  This is an annual fundraiser event for Downtown Wichita Falls Development. The March 2016 event raised close to $27,000 just for this one charity and brought a huge financial impact into the downtown area. They work with events such as Cajun Fest, Art & Soul, July 4th for the City of Wichita Falls and Sheppard Air Force Base, Hotter N Hell Hundred bike ride and race, and numerous other events to make Wichita Falls a better place to live.

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