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Ted Shin- Nocona Donuts

Business Name: Nocona Donuts 
Business Address: 203 W Highway 82, Nocona, Texas 
Owner’s Name: Ted Shin 
“I really appreciate the information you have given me. It is very helpful to design my future business plans. I would like to continue getting useful info from the SBDC.” Ted Shin  

Ted Shin and his wife have successfully owned and managed two donut shops in the Dallas area for several years. In August of 2015, Ted purchased Nocona Donut as an expansion. Both Ted and his wife work as full-time owner/employees and are at work at 3:00 a.m. every morning to insure all donuts and kolaches are made fresh for the morning customers. Ted brightened up the place with vivid yellow and orange colors and made sure children had a pint-size table to sit and enjoy their donuts. SBDC was introduced to Ted by Nocona Economic Development and has been helping Ted by providing him industry information including trends affecting Doughnut Stores. Ted has also been interested in research needed to help him find other donut stores to purchase.

SBDC has also counseled Ted as he adjusts to a different culture. Ted came from South Korea and has found the cowboy hats, boots, and western culture of Nocona to be very unusual. SBDC has explained the various holidays to Ted and how they might affect his business marketing and hours. Ted has been encouraged to get involved in the small town community to get to know his customers and establish business relationships.

SBDC will continue to support Ted by answering his questions and providing research to assist with future expansion and business decisions.

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