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Ricardo Lunes- El Norteno 2

El Norteno II has been in business since January 2011. Over the course of that time they have established themselves as one of the premier Mexican home style restaurants in Wichita Falls. Some say the weekend menudo is even better than the original El Norteno’s, but that doesn’t come during family gatherings. In truth, the whole El Norteno restaurant chain has grown from the original stand alone, to 3 restaurants and one food truck in the last 5 years. Ricardo attributes it to good recipes and great relationships. The relationship started 3 generations ago with the original “El Norteno” family owners. While eating at any of their restaurants you can’t help but notice the smiles and attitudes of the family owned staff as the guest interaction takes place for those who come through the door.

This last year El Norteno II was forced to expand their operations into the next building space. “We were going on long waits on the weekend mornings, it was like watching unhappy faces wait too long or walk out the door. It was obviously the next logical step to the challenge we were facing.” As an El Norteno II patron myself I was very pleased with Ricardo’s decision. Every time I walk in I can’t help but feel at home as I look around and see the décor that transports’ me to my Hispanic grandmothers house. The smells that soon fill my nose and mouth with anticipation are simple, good old fashion Mexican home style cooked meal. This and the friendly inviting staff paint a bright future for the El Norteno chain.

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