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Aaron and Kaycee Ryan- SERVPRO

Kaycee and Aaron Ryan both worked in banking before Aaron began his career with SERVPRO in Palm Springs, California. After ten years of learning the fire & water damage restoration service industry, the couple applied for a SERVPRO franchise and for a loan from the Small Business Administration, soon selling their house and belongings in preparation for their company in August 2013.

The Ryan’s had several SERVPRO franchise locations to choose from, but didn’t find the networks or opportunities they needed. Before moving on from the area, they decided to give Wichita Falls a try in December 2013.  It was perfect. With such a convenient highway system, one where all sides of the city are within a fifteen-minute drive, other factors like the current disruptive drought seemed unimportant. By March 2014, the Ryan’s had their franchise and startup cash. Everything seemed set, but after only a minute in town, Aaron was called to Tennessee for a whole month of active duty.  The couple returned to Wichita Falls and officially began their franchise in July 2014.

Kaycee came to the SBDC during the month they began their franchise.  She was seeking advice in the areas of human resources and temporary employment.  The SERVPRO franchise has many specific HR compliance regulations.  The SBDC also helped Kaycee get signed up with an upcoming SAM seminar and an appointment with Bruce Clinard from the PAC to get their business certified as a veteran owned business.

Kaycee and Aaron Ryan only had two employees and one technician in the beginning. Now, in 2016, the company functions with ten people.  The Ryan’s SERVPRO belongs to Wichita County, though they readily admit to taking contracts within 26 counties in Texoma. Since Nature’s unpredictability often requires a “cooperative culture” when it comes to reparations, agents that have too many projects in one area often call upon available agents in other counties for help. Operating this way makes otherwise overwhelming situations more manageable and promotes company unity.

In Wichita Falls and the 26 Texoma counties, the Ryan’s work directly with homeowners, commercial property owners, and insurance companies to take care of their service needs. Customers at home take priority. Since Wichita Falls is centrally located, the team is better able to respond to jobs all over.

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