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Odd Duck Coffee (The Duck Coffee)

Ted and Andrea have always enjoyed their morning cups of coffee together, whether in exotic vacation destinations or in their backyard. They always enjoyed the coffee experience more than the coffee. After visiting a crop-to-shop seaside café in Zihuatanejo in 2006 and having a freshly roasted, freshly brewed cup of coffee, they knew their mission. Ted and Andrea wanted everyone to experience exceptional coffee and learn about its cultivation and the people involved. 


In May of 2016, Ted and Andrea began selling fresh roasted coffee beans from the back of their vehicle at the local Farmer’s Market. Within a year, public demand led to the opening of Odd Duck Coffee’s Roastery & Tasting Room. At this time in the life of the fast-growing business, Ted and Andrea came to the SBDC at MSU for start-up assistance. They were a bit overwhelmed by the information but were assured that the SBDC would help them step-by-step. 


Odd Duck Coffee is a coffee roasting and K-cup manufacturing business in downtown Wichita Falls, now known as The Duck Coffee. After years of success, Ted and Andrea sold their business to their dear friends Chad and Christa Cooper, who have carried on the legacy started by Ted and Andrea.

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