Client Name: Carrie Tucker
Business Name: House of Fur
Employees: 1 with plans for more
Investment: $15,000 personal contribution
Client Term: Since September 2014
Client Link:

 Carrie Tucker has been grooming dogs for over eight years. Building on her experience as a groomer at a large franchise pet store, she first visited the SBDC in September of 2014 where she met with a counselor to discuss her vision for opening her own pet grooming business. The SBDC listened to Carrie and helped her begin planning the business by first providing her with research and competition information. Carrie was able to open House of Fur out of her home within a month by investing less than $5000 of her own capital.

 Business immediately boomed for Carrie and she began to consider moving to a bigger facility. She came back to the SBDC in June of 2015 and shared her dream of finding a facility where she could add boarding and pet day care services. SBDC counseled her about the pros and cons of various locations she was considering and helped her prepare a business plan including projections that would include the expansion into boarding and day care. Although her first facility choice did not work out for her, she eventually found an ideal location on Jacksboro Highway that would provide quick access to out of town clients and minimal remodeling. House of Fur moved to its new location in December of 2015.

Carrie also came to SBDC for advice after being approached by a possible investor but she has been able to profitably run her business with a personal investment of around $15,000 without needing additional funding or equity at this time.

Carrie is very involved with several community pet organizations and makes great use of social media to help pets get adopted and provide education to local pet owners. She is the only employee right now but she plans to add two additional groomers and convert some of her volunteer help into paid employees soon. Her future plans include adding animal behavior courses, events, and pet portraits. Carrie has entered her business in the 2016 IdeaWF competition and continues to receive support from SBDC.